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Over 15 Years of Experience


Migrate2Australia is a Sydney-based firm that has supported clients in navigating the different avenues of migration to Australia since 2000.

Lead by Principal and Advocate Eva AbdelMessiah (MRN0636719), the Migrate2Australia team consists of migration lawyers and advisors, qualified and committed to providing expert advice and award-winning experience to simplify the process of individuals seeking to make the move to Australia or looking to extend their stay here, as well as a range of associated issues.

Our team can offer aid and assistance in the application and issue of Australian visas, permanent residency, citizenship and more.

These include (but are not limited to): sponsorship of overseas employees; general skilled migration visas; distinguished talent visas and business innovation and investor visas; spouse/partner visas; child visas, carer visas and remaining relative and parent visas – alongside submissions of “no further stay” waiver conditions.

By assisting and facilitating the issue of relevant visas, Migrate2Australia has successfully allowed the reunion and settlement of families, provided lucrative business opportunities, obtained protection for at-risk individuals and families fleeing persecution and conflict-torn countries, and supported prolific members of the public (including government officials and media) with their entry to Australia.

Offering Customised Service

Our personalised, consultation process works by understanding every case’s individual circumstances, identifying the legal avenues to pursue, and determining a path to ensure all parties involved achieved a successful result.

Multilingual Staff

Many of Migrate2Australia’s in-house staff members are multilingual - allowing them to engage with clients in their native language and with the utmost cultural sensitivity.

Dedicated to Migration Law

You can be assured that the Migrate2Australia team will deliver transparent, ethical, and affordable migration advice and representation to you

Holistic Approach

Adopting a holistic approach to your case - offering professional and fully prepared applications to mitigate risks.

Migration Lawyers

Migrate2Australia also confidently accepts cases of unsuccessful applications where an appeal is required.

In these instances, their accredited specialist lawyers can assess your previous application and the circumstances surrounding the refusal to give your appeal the best chance of being accepted. They have an excellent win rate at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal – Migration Review Division (generally the last opportunity to have a decision overturned and your visa granted) as they always ensure that the hearing is conducted strategically to maximise the chances of a successful visa application outcome.

Fast-paced, complex and ever-evolving, immigration can be difficult to comprehend. Our team is mindful of the challenges of the migration process and are committed to breaking legal jargon down to simple terms and providing you with the information you need in an easy-to-understand language.

If you think that Migrate2Australia can help, we’d love to hear from you. Let us help you, all you have to do is book in a consultation with us!


How do I know if a visa is the right one for me?

It is very important to ensure that your representative is either a registered Migration Agent with extensive number of years of experience. You can find the year they were registered on by either checking the first two digits of their MARN registration or check their registration on the official www.mara.gov.au which has a register or all the currently registered Migration Agent.

Alternatively, you may wish to engage an Immigration Lawyer, again you will need to check that they have extensive specialised experience with Immigration Law as not all lawyers are experienced in Immigration law.

Here at Migrate2Australia, Eva Abdelmessiah is a Registered Migration Agent MARN0636719 ie registered since 2006 and is also an Admitted NSW Solicitor since 2017. Eva has over 27 years of experience in Immigration and Administrative Law, as she has worked with a number of Australian Federal Government agencies prior to becoming a registered Migration Agent. Eva is professional and works with high ethical and lawful principles. Australian government agencies work under strict code of ethics and no favouritism or illegal activities are allowed or tolerated, but rather reprimanded and punished.

Am I eligible for an Australian visa?

To ensure that you get the right answer, please email eva@migrate2australia.net.au

Who can I ask about my eligibility for Australian Citizenship?

Please press the book an appointment. button to make an appointment with Eva and further discuss your Citizenship enquiry.

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